Doug Jones can win, but it requires reversing two decades of party decline in 4 weeks.

The polls are close, and Doug Jones has a real chance to win the Senate seat in Alabama. Most pollsters have the race tied or leaning towards Jones. Which means it’s now a turnout game.

Here’s the problem though. The Democratic party in Alabama is so weak, it doesn’t even know who to turn out. The senate campaign is trying to reverse decades of entropy within four weeks.

In recent decades, the state Democratic Party has been known more for its dysfunction than for decisive victories, with the party’s influence now mostly limited to some local governments, including mayor’s offices in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.  […]  The party’s weakness has left the Jones campaign without some of the resources candidates in other states can take for granted. “There’s just no data in the database,” said Daniel Deriso, the former operations and field director for the campaign for Randall Woodfin, the mayor-elect of Birmingham. “They had to build it all from the ground up.” —…

Jones has been touting a competitive race for months, and there’s good reason to believe Roy Moore’s support was already weak in Alabama prior to the recent revelations about his predatory behavior. The Jones campaign has seen a lot of money come in (250k per day recently, as per NBC), and it will likely end up outspending the Moore campaign. That money would be more effective though, if some basic infrastructure were in place.

But opportunity has knocked on the door of a Democratic operation with the lights out. With a fairly anemic state party, there is little existing infrastructure for routine campaign activities like phone banks or canvassing drives. National Democrats, while helping to pour in money, are taking pains to keep the race at arm’s length, figuring their presence could hurt rather than help Mr. Jones. There are no beloved statewide officeholders or popular party elders to rally the troops. —…

That is one of the consequences of the national party short-changing or outright abandoning large swaths of the country. Yet again, a focus on Washington and blue strongholds has left the party unprepared to capitalize on opportunities. It’s also a disservice to the people of Alabama, and many other states besides that one of the two parties no longer bothers to really compete for their votes.

Republicans have begun to rally around the “we need to elect child molestors so billionaires can have tax cuts” platform. Other Republicans have presented a “he may molest children, but the other guy supports abortion, so it’s all the same thing” defense.

Thankfully, our candidate knows a thing or two. Doug’s campaign is currently running a series of ads featuring Republicans like Ivanka Trump, Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby and others in campaign ads to keep Moore’s predatory behavior front and center.

You can donate to help air these ads:

PS. If you’re a small donor, make it a regular practice to give to candidates in states where your small donations go a long-way (cheaper media buys etc.)

— @subirgrewal