Doug Jones won. But we can’t let Trump and the RNC get away with endorsing a child molester.

Moore, Trump and the RNC deserve to be tarred and feathered for what they tried to pull. They tried to send a child molester to the Senate.

The good people of Alabama saw the light, and with a heavy lift from many black voters, have decided to send a good man to the senate. But we cannot let this rest. I am seething, seething with anger at the people who allowed a f***ing child molester come within 10-20,000 votes of a Senate seat. They can never be allowed to live that down.

We cannot allow the country make the same mistake made after Trump’s election, where the media and too many ordinary Americans were allowed to forget Trump’s numerous sexual assaults.

We need to relentlessly push for a full investigation of Roy Moore’s sexual assaults and predation. We need media to dig in deeper and slam the door shut in the face of the people who claim these women are “liars” because reporters only went out and asked them what happened 6 weeks before an election, after years of sitting on rumors.

We need to slap upside the head people who tried to say “times were different” and “lots of 30 year olds dated 14 year olds back then”. Reporters should do their jobs and go interview the people in Gadsden who banned Roy from the mall and football games because he was trying to pick up teenage girls. We need to hear from them, so it can be clear to all that Moore’s predation was unacceptable even “back then”.

We need media to dig into the Bill Staehle comment at Roy Moore rally that they both went to a brothel engaged in child prostitution. Why didn’t they report the child prostitution? Why did they look the other way?

We need to do all this because we can’t let Roy Moore get away with it. We need to do it because we can’t let Donald Trump get away with it.

This is not the first time Donald Trump has fraternized with a child molester or child rapist. The notorious child rapist Jeffrey Epstein was tracked by police when he preyed on a child he met at Donald Trump Mar-A-Lago resort. Donald knew Epstein was raping children, and looked the other way:

And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone.  “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” —…

This is Donald Trump, on the record, about a man he KNEW was preying on children. A man who was eventually convicted of raping children. He considered him a “terrific guy”.

This is the same Donald Trump who then went on to endorse an alleged child molester for senate. We cannot let Donald Trump get away with it.

And finally, we cannot let the Republican National Committee get away with endorsing and funding a child molester. Their corporate donors need to be hounded and asked them why they funded an organization that supports child molesters running for senate.

This should continue to be a major issue, it should be mined and repeated ad nauseam till American voters see Trump and the RNC for what they are. The RNC and Trump’s name should be tied to Moore’s forever, and their names should be mud.

— @subirgrewal