Macron is not progressive on Africa.

Macron was asked a question about a Marshall plan for Africa after a speech at the G20 summit. He rattled off some pablum and injected some deep-seated racism in there too, jabbering on about how Africa’s problems were “civilizational” and complaining about “demographic transitions when countries today have 7 or 8 children per woman”.

Rightly so, Macron is having his ass handed to him on Twitter.

What this episode demonstrates, yet again, is that if you want to know whether a politician is truly on the left, look at their foreign policy. How they view and see human beings in far-flung corners of the world is pretty much how they will treat the least of you back home as well.

And Cooper is right, any conversation about Africa from a French politician should start with a discussion of the ills visited upon so many people by French colonization. It’s pretty rich to say problems are “civilizational” when you’re presiding over an entity that spent a couple of centuries devastating African civilizations and African lives.

Here is some context for the remarks and additional perceptive commentary.

Not so sure it was minor, but agree that his views are probably very much in keeping with the environment he comes from, and a reflection of his ideology.